Different Marking Methods and their Advantages:

Etchingsystems, Electrolythic- /Electrochemical Markingsystems
Electrolytic marking is based on surface processing without moulding the workpiece, requiring a marking time of approx. 1 - 4 s..
For this Type of Marking a Stencil, Electrolythe, a Graphitstamp and a Controller is required.

During this brief reaction time, a permanent, wear-resistant mark suitable for advertising or part marking is generated

Needle Impact Marker:
The variable Marking of Parts is achieved by a oscillating Hardened Needle, the continous following of single dots produce Lines in the shape of the Marking. Even Non-Planar and rough Surfaces can be marked.
Marking on the Circumference, depending on Partsize and Height of the Letters, is also possible.

Free Programmable, Logo, DatamatrixCodes, Letters

Marking of almost all Materials without destruction, in clean and High Quality.
The quick and easy adjustment allows to mark even small series with Logo, Symbols etc.

Advantage: Free Programmable, Contactless Marking of Logo, Barcodes, Datamatrix Codes,
Letters and Symbols, all Truetypefonts etc.